Orlando, Feb 2017

Orlando, Feb 2017

some little things

explorer; 5 continents, 47 countries, 400+ cities & counting

nomad; i have lived in hong kong, vancouver, shanghai, los angeles, paris, melbourne, and currently living in NYC!

third culture kid; because home is nowhere & everywhere

"home lies in the things you carry with you everywhere and not the ones that tie you down."

entrepreneur; talk to me about fashion, tech, education, mental health!

bookworm; devouring books daily  

always peckich/hungry, especially for: japanese anything (but especially uni, japanese breakfasts, ochazuke, nankotsu, and fresh sashimi), gelato, bacon, freshly baked banana bread, and avocados!

hopelessly clumsy

geeky, nerdy, curious; a believer in life-long learning


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