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Forge meaning, build identity, forge meaning and build identity.
Forging meaning is about changing yourself.
Building identity is about changing the world.
[All of us] face this question daily:
how much to accommodate society by constraining ourselves,
and how much to break the limits of what constitutes a valid life?
Forge meaning. Build identity.
... And then invite the world to share your joy.
— Andrew Solomon


Go Find Alice is a compilation of my adventures and occasional musings. I had the joy and privilege of growing up in different cultures, moving and traveling with my entrepreneurial parents ever since I was born. I have now made it to 47 of the 196 recognized countries around the globe. Born and bred a third-culture kid, I have learned that home ultimately lies in the things you carry with you everywhere and the thrill of traveling isn't in the moving around but in the moments in between - the moments that move you.

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the intricacies of culture and how/why/when they shape a society and those who live there. I love the feeling of being anonymous in a new place and the sovereign freedom that comes with being able to leave behind my beliefs and certainties. 

I have almost fallen off of the Great Wall of China, voluntarily jumped off the most Southern tip of the United States (50ft into the Pacific Ocean), and went deaf for 2 days in my left year on my way to Puerto Princesa. I have swam in the glacier waters of Iceland during the Winter and melted away in the blazing Summer heat at the heart of the Gobi desert. I have witnessed beautiful sunsets over ancient Cambodian temples, Chilean vineyards, and atop the Yellow Mountain. 

This blog is about travel, culture, food, art, photography, and other things but above all, it is about identity. By sharing some of my thoughts and discoveries here, I hope to challenge some of the ways certain cultures are viewed and provide perspectives in a different light.

Of course, I also hope that my stories will inspire others to go on adventures of their own. It's a miracle that we have an opportunity to share what excites us, and that is what I aim to do here. 

I have previously lived in Vancouver, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Paris, and Melbourne. Currently, I reside in New York City.

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