hi. my name is alice.

My mission is simple: to inspire, inform, and ignite. I want to use art and film to share meaningful stories and experiences. I love what I do, and I hope you love it too!

Alright, so a little background: I had the joy and privilege of growing up in different cultures, moving and traveling with my entrepreneurial parents ever since I was born. The sovereign freedom that comes with being anonymous in a new place—is addicting. Now a bit more grown up and living on my own, I still can’t stop traveling. I don’t think I”ll eve. Over the years, I have learned that home ultimately lies in the things you carry with you everywhere… the thrill of traveling isn't in the moving around but in the moments in between—the moments that move you.

Oh yes, I've gathered some crazy stories—from almost falling off of the Great Wall of China to (voluntarily) jumping off the most Southern cliff in the United States (50ft down into the Pacific Ocean)… to accidentally going deaf in my left ear on a flight to Puerto Princesa… swimming in icy glacier waters of Iceland… and biking through desert white-outs. I've witnessed beautiful sunsets over ancient Cambodian temples, Chilean vineyards, and Scandinavian mountaintops.

So this blog is for me, and you. It’s a collection of text and photos on travel, culture, food, art, photography, and identity. By sharing some of my thoughts, I hope to challenge some of the ways certain cultures are viewed and provide some of my discoveries.

I love what I do. Visual journalism has become my passport to meeting new people and  experiencing new cultures. Storytelling is such an amazing tool to create awareness and evoke empathy across different cultures, communities, and countries; a tool to make sense of our commonalities. I sincerely hope that my stories will inspire some of you to go on adventures of your own. ♥

I currently live in New York City. Previously, I've lived in Vancouver, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Paris, and Melbourne.