[Shanghai] 阿嬷米苔目, Local Southern Taiwanese

Categories: Taiwanese (Southern)
Address:  158 Ziteng Lu (紫藤路158号)
Hours: Monday - Sunday, 11:00am-10 pm
Date visited: May 2013
Price of my meal:  ¥120RMB
Verdict: Will come back!


阿嬷米苔目is a hidden and small hole-in-the-wall that serves authentic southern Taiwanese food (台南). I would never have found this place if my dad didn’t take me here! Don’t expect too much service from this local joint though; come for the food, not the service/environment!

油饭- Taiwanese glutinous rice with mushrooms, dried shrimps and shredded pork (12RMB).

It is as delicious as it looks. Surprised to find a generous portion of shrimp and mushrooms inside! Yum.

油饭   Taiwanese glutinous rice   

煎带鱼 - Pan-fried largehead hairtail (Beltfish)

Must order – the meat was super juicy and tender! My favorite dish of the meal.


鱿鱼- Poached squid with side sauce and wasabi.  

I’m not a big fan of wasabi so I ate it without the sauce and it was still good! The squid was chewy and fresh.

鱿鱼 Poached squid

通心菜 - Morning glory. Hard to go wrong with this dish.

Morning glory