[NYC] Intersect by Lexus | First Impressions (Jan 2019)


Categories: Café, Bar & Lounge, Restaurant
Date Visited: January 2019
Address: 412 W 14th St, New York, NY 10014
Price:  $$$
Reservations: Yes, though not necessary.

“INTERSECT BY LEXUS is a place where creative minds meet and share ideas; where inspired people intersect with sublime expressions of culture to experience amazing.” - Intersect’s official website.

Verdict: 10/10 for décor and ambiance, 7/10 for food. I was drawn on the vision from the second I heard. I’d always been a fan of Danny Meyer and is Union Square Hospitality Group, and the concept of a restaurant with revolving global chef residencies per 4-6 months sounded like an astounding idea—one that would take lot of resources and planning to bring to life.

The first global chef-in-residence happens to be a chef I already knew and had the pleasure to try his food in 2013. Hailing from France, Chef Marchand is the executive chef at Frenchie Rue du Nil in Paris, and author of the book Frenchie, The Book. The meal I had in 2013 was outstanding and one that was remembered for years to come. However, while food at Intersect was far from bad, it was not as memorable as I’d expected.

The décor and service, however, were very impressive. Especially loved the details—black and white marble, perfectly blended with hardwood, stainless steel, bamboo, and leather. Very sleek and modern, but comfortable and inviting. Will be back for coffee and drinks.

Intersect by Lexus Bar/Lounge

Intersect by Lexus Bar/Lounge