[Hong Kong] Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩

Categories: Cantonese, Noodle Shop
Address: 21 Gough St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 香港歌赋街21号地铺 (上环)
Hours: Monday - Saturday, 12:30pm–10:30pm
Price: ~¥50 per person / CASH ONLY
Verdict: Definitely one of the better "beef brisket noodle" shops in Hong Kong. I can't say it is "the best" in Hong Kong (it is popularly regarded as so), but it is worth a 20-30 minute wait if you have the time. Come for a late lunch (2pm)- wait time will be significantly shorter! During peak hours, wait time can go up to an hour. 
Telephone: +852 28505967

The menu can be a little confusing but the items are basically variations of similar offerings: 

  1. Broth: Clear broth, curry broth, oyster sauce broth, oyster sauce (dry)

  2. Meat: Beef brisket, beef brisket + tendon (only available with the curry broth)

  3. Noodle Type: Wide rice noodles, e-fu noodles, flat noodles, vermicelli

I'm a huge fan of beef tendon and since they only offer beef tendon with curry broth, it was a no-brainer decision for me to pick the curry broth over the clear broth. I ended up ordering #13: beef tendon and brisket with curry sauce on rice noodles (¥45HKD). 

My bowl came out shortly (3 minutes) with ~6 sizable pieces of chunky beef tendon and brisket with a generous ration of rice noodles soaked in a curry broth. It's clear that the beef cubes have been cooked and simmered for hours; while not melt-in-your-mouth quality, the meat is tender and praise-worthy. The broth is lightly spicy and very flavorful. A little fatty but drinkable if you enjoy curry soup broth! 

Don't expect service beyond ordering and getting food. You'll also most likely be sharing a table with strangers. Enjoy the local vibes! 

Beef Tendon and Brisket Rice Noodles in Curry Broth | 咖喱牛筋腩河粉 (¥45)

Beef Tendon and Brisket Rice Noodles in Curry Broth | 咖喱牛筋腩河粉 (¥45)

I'll be back to try the clear broth though next time.