[Berlin] Doner Kebabs in Kottbusser Tor

Doner Kebabs in Kottbusser Tor

A doner kebab is a

Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical spit, normally veal or beef but also a mixture of these with lamb; a cheaper version of chicken is also found. The dish is also widely known by its Arabic name, shawarma, or in Greek as gyro.
The sliced meat of a Doner kebab may be served wrapped in a flatbread such as lavash or pita or as a sandwich instead of being served on a plate. It is a common fast food item in the Balkans, Middle East, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Seasoned meat in the shape of an inverted cone is turned slowly against a vertical rotisserie, then sliced vertically into thin, crisp shavings. Toppings include tomato, onion, lettuce, pickled cucumber and chili.

 Categories: Turkish, Fast food

Address: Any kebab store in Kottbusser Tor, located in central Kreuzberg (the Turkish area in Berlin) - it is a metro stop on the U-Bahn 
Date visited:  February 2013
Price: 2.5€
Verdict: Definitely a must visit - trust me, it's worth the trip even if you're not in the area. Doner kebabs will be available everywhere in town, but the ones here are the best. It'll be the first spot I hit up when I'm back in the city!


  • It will be the cheapest foodporn you can get in Berlin 
  • Berlin is home to the largest number of Turkish people outside of Turkey itself, so you can imagine the authenticity and deliciousness
  • HUGE! (Cheap and filling as a full meal or as an afternoon bite)
  • Ask for all sauces in your kebab (hot sauce, herb sauce, garlic sauce) instead of just yogurt sauce


  • Many places will only take cash!