[NYC] Fedora - West Village Classic


Categories: New American, Speakeasy
Date Visited:  April 2018
Address: 239 W. 4th St (between Charles & W.10th St), New York, NY 10014
Price: $$/$$$ ($24-$36 for dinner entrees, $15-20 for appetizers)
Perfect for: Date Night, Friends Gathering, Dinner with Parents

Reservations: Popular on weekends and Friday nights but should be reasonable on a weeknight. The restaurant is pretty small and snug so make one just in case! Link here.

Thoughts: A neighborhood gem; very well-executed all-round restaurant. Excellent food and drinks make it a quintessential no-brainer West Village dinner spot. Classically decorated with exposed bricks, rustic wooden tables and a tall bar table, this sort-of basement establishment is the kind of place I would not mind visiting again and again. Whether it is a date night, a gathering with close friends or a dinner with family - this spot works. You’ll find simple delights like steak tartare with smoked cream, roasted cauliflower, roasted chicken and brussels sprouts with bacon.


Fedora - April 2018 - Dinner Menu

Fedora - April 2018 - Dinner Menu